Monday, April 16, 2012

Travel Saftey/Wisdom

Tip for today:  Don't take anything on the trip you cannot live without.  Even with locked suitcases, hotel rooms safes, and being as vigilant as we can, stuff is going to get lost or stolen.

For me, this means I leave all Credit Cards at home except my corporate card. I do carry a debit card and not much actual cash.  Carry about $20 in cash.  You can always ATM.

Another popular idea is to have a travel account just for trips.  Have a debit card specifically for this travel  account.  Then transfer one hundred dollars to this account/debit card before going on a trip.  If the travel debit card is lost/stolen, my entire checking account balance is not at risk, only a few dollars.   Have this travel debit card at the same bank as your 'real' checking account.  You can always go online and transfer a little more cash to the travel checking account if needed, but you don't expose all your checking account funds to possible travel losses.

I wear very little jewelry, so this area is not a concern for me.  However, I do see some really nice jewelry when I travel. I just quietly shake my head when I see a man sitting at a hotel bar wearing a Rolex.  Just don't carry the really expensive stuff.  Two reasons: you become a target and the potential loss is greater.


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