Helpful Travel Sites

First, if you are going to travel frequently....get a smart phone.  I don't care if it is Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, or Strawberry.  Just get one!  This is a frequent traveler MUST HAVE.  


Kayak  It is a travel search site, but also much more.  Create an account!  Then no matter where you book your travel, when you get the email, just forward it to  This will load the trip details into your kayak account.  So now you can use the Kayak App to have all your information in one place.  In also can sign up for alerts, which I highly recommend.  I get text updates to my phone when I land at a connecting airport with gate info and flight status.  This is great!  You will also be alerted of cancellations very quickly.  One time, I was already at the airport when I got the cancellation before it was announced in the airport.  I was the first in line for a re-booking.   Then 300 of my friends got in the line behind me.  That did not undo the inconvenience of a cancellation, but it did eliminate some frustration.

I use my corporate travel site to book the vast majority of my travel, so I don't use sites like Orbitz, Expedia, Priceline, etc.   I hear good and bad stuff from most of these places.  Many hotels and airlines now have a 'low price guarantee' for their own site, so they don't have to pay fees/commission do these travel providers.  Always check the source for a better deal.  (Southwest, United, Marriott, Hilton)

WikiTravel  This one is great if you've never been to a city.  There are some helpful tips getting on getting there, the airport, getting into the city, public transportation options, and also some of the cities main attractions.  Sometimes it might be a little out of date or dry, but it is almost always helpful.   This is nice for the business traveler.  When I only have a little tourist time, I want to know if the city has any 'must see' attractions.   

Stay tuned....I'll keep updating this page.  Got some suggestions?  Email me