Monday, April 9, 2012

Get a Routine

Since 2009 lots of happenings.   So now...I have a new job, and I've been there about 18 months now.  I could blog for years about how not to be a manager, after my last job.  But truthfully that just stirs me up, and I'd rather let it go.  It will creep in here and there. :-) 

The new job..I love it.  My boss is great, I feel appreciated, and I enjoy the work.  I am traveling quite a bit.  In 2011, I logged about 185,000 air miles and went to 11 countries.  I won't reach that total this year, but...I'm already at about 40,000 miles.   The international travel will slow down as my company increases its training presence internationally.  I will still have a few here and there.    

So my next few posts are going to be what I have experienced and learned from the travel.    Some general tips about travel and also my thoughts about cities that I have visited.   Please note that I travel for work, so I don't always have comments about tourist attractions.  Sometimes I can sneak one in, but not always.  

So here is my first suggestion....create a routine and stick with it.  Pack your suitcase and carry on bag the same way every time.  Do the same things when you arrive at your hotel and when you are packing to leave.  If you are going to 'unpack' in your hotel, then put items in the same place in each hotel room.    This tip will save you time and frustration.   For example, the first few months of travel I was always looking for my phone charger.  Did I put in my computer bag? And if so, where?  It just was a silly waste of time and unnecessary stress.  I've left items behind because sometimes I stuck clothes in the drawers and sometimes I did not.  When I did....I would forget them.  Sounds simple, no? 

That's all for now....enjoy!